We create massive
economies of scale
and call it
“Networking on Steroids.”


My Business Genie is a growing network of collaborating small businesses in Perth, pooling their knowledge and resources to create massive economies of scale – we call it “Networking on Steroids.”

Did you go to Business School? Me neither. I don’t even know what business school is. I know people who have attained MBA’s and who now speak a kind of management speak similar to politicians but couldn’t survive 5 minutes running their own business.

It’s a different world when you’re in the trenches. Lack of cash, lack of enough hours in the day, pain in the butt customers, fires that need to be put out, staff that are erratic, competitors who emerge in our back yard, changing technologies that make current systems redundant…..

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Our goal is clients’ success
helping them grow FAST

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Let me share with you the key strategies that grew one of my businesses from an overdraft to $65 million in sales in just over 4 years…and how you can immediately implement these lessons to accelerate your business growth this year!

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We build powerful and
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Attract Customers
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You can’t sell ice to Eskimos no matter how great your pricing, sales and marketing strengths are – if you can’t find any Eskimos or a delivery system for the ice.
Idea Generation
Leveraging knowledge, skills and connections
Who do you bounce potential million dollar ideas off? Who do you turn to for brainstorming, motivation, inspiration, focus, vision?
Networking That Works!
How big is your circle? – How effective is your current community at promoting your business? Networking on steroids! Dozens of businesses working for YOU!

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Find out how I turned an idea and $50,000 overdraft
into $65 million is sales in 4 years.

My frustration with trying to find someone to guide me through the crazy maze of the fast changing online world drove me to figuring it our myself. The key was ultimately finding and connecting to just 6 people and leveraging off their knowledge, skills and connections.

It amazes me that there is this massive gap in the market place for a holistic online and offline collaborative network. Why is everyone trying to reinvent the wheel? It’s already in existence we just need to hook up with the right combination of associates.

Our mantra ‘business networking on steroids’ refers to the acute value in rubbing shoulders with the right people and actively leveraging off each other.

Rub shoulders with the right people
and actively leverage off each other

Zero - $65 Million
Dollars In Turnover

I'll share with you the key lessons we learned in growing our business from an overdraft of $50K to $65 million in sales in just 4 years.

Find Your Million
Dollar Idea!

Why what you are doing today will not work in 3-5 years. Technology is moving at warp speed. You need to find your million dollar idea just to survive.

Dream it!
Believe it! Execute it!

How to create urgency and leverage other people's skills to grow your business. 1000% ROI is possible!

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