We’re approaching 1994!

Whilst most of the world are debating the novelty of #Bitcoin, predicting bubbles, catastrophe’s and generally inserting opinions based on little actual knowledge the far bigger picture is at a tipping point. #BLOCKCHAIN.


1993 Websites in existence – 130

1994 – 2730

1995 – 23,500

1996 – 257,000

1997 – 1,117,000

2017 – 150 MILLION+

There’s a tsunami coming that’s both exciting and guaranteed to disrupt many traditional institutions – 1994 was when the opportunists engaged with the internet, mugs like myself showed up in the 2000’s!

Blockchain arguably will impact more people than The Internet as it taps into and empowers the 2 billion of our relatives locked out of the financial system.

My Business Genie is a growing network of collaborating small businesses, pooling our knowledge of this new frontier and resources to create massive economies of scale – we call it “Networking on Steroids.”

We create massive economies of scale
“Networking on Steroids.”

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